Luminarc, in association with Roberts Wineware, is introducing the first of a range of new technical drinkware at the Chicago International Home and Housewares Show. The new Taster’s Edge Drinkware by Luminarc, takes beverage enjoyment to a whole new level.

The new collection features Roberts’ patented, taste-enhancing EdgeTM Technology which has been proven to enhance a drinker’s perception of flavors in their favorite beverages.

Essentially allowing them to experience a greater range and intensity of flavors than in regular drinkware…prompting many who have experienced this technology to refer to it as a “Hi-Def Tasting Experience.”

The taste enhancing technology has been vetted for several years in the wine industry and focus group testing for the beer and coffee industries has shown strong, consistent, positive results. The technology’s use on the Roberts range of high-end wine glasses have led wineries to select the glass for their premium tasting rooms, due to its ability to simultaneously highlight structures in complex wines and maximize the drinker’s ability to perceive them. The Roberts wine glass technology has been featured on The Food Network.

Luminarc’s Taster’s Edge Collection is the official introduction of the technology into the beer and coffee drinkware marketplace, with the Taster’s Edge Pint Glass glass and the Taster’s Edge Coffee Mug. Both will be featured at Luminarc’s Booth S1428. Luminarc also plans to  introduce additional products in the Taster’s Edge Collection for select Liquors, Spirits and Wines at a later date.

In working with Luminarc, Roberts Wineware envisions its technology providing the broader market access to heightened flavor perception and becoming THE preferred glassware for millions of consumers who want to maximize their enjoyment of their favorite beverages.

Says inventor Darrol Roberts: “Everyone has the “built-in” physical ability to experience tastes and flavors more fully and richly than they currently do…Luminarc’s Taster’s Edge Collection of drinkware capitalizes on that natural capacity, by stimulating it in a unique way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.”

Taster’s Edge Glassware by Luminarc will be sold in open stock and Sets of 4 and will carry retails of $3.99 and $14.99 respectively.